Husband Wife Dispute in Thailand

The above ground is based on either party’s having extra-marital affairs. The promise of fidelity is breached and causes a serious strain to the marriage. The offended party is that who may file for divorce on this ground. If the filing spouse has himself/herself committed an act of infidelity during the marriage, this can negate his/her claim for divorce, unless there are other grounds which he or she can use for the case so contact us on Husband Wife Dispute in Thailand.

Online Husband Wife Dispute in Thailand

The other ground is serious insult on the person of the innocent spouse or her family. In Thai culture, children-in-law are expected to respect not only their spouse but the family as well, especially the elders. Any serious insult thrown at the spouse or her family is made a ground for divorce because Thais believe that respect is an essential foundation of a healthy family life.

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